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At Nebraska Crop Insurance Agency, we provide multiple crop insurance policies that help you safeguard your farm in Beatrice, NE. From drought insurance to insect insurance, our coverage protects you from a wide variety of situations. We can even insure you against low commodity prices. Call us today or visit our office to explore what options best suit your needs.

Our Story

The Rains family has been farming in the Gage County community for nearly 100 years. Darrell Rains’ crop insurance roots are deep, as well. Darrell opened Nebraska Crop Insurance Agency in 1981. Prior to opening the company, Darrell worked as a fieldman for over 20 years, then as an adjuster for the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), now known as the Farm Service Agency. In addition, Darrell adjusted for private companies, offering a total of over 25 years of experience as a crop adjuster.

Damaged Corn field

Weather Protection

Every Midwesterner knows that our weather is eccentric, to say the least. From thunderstorms to sudden cold snaps, Nebraska experiences a broad range of weather events, and no matter how sophisticated our technology is, we can never be 100 percent sure what the weather will be until it actually occurs. That’s why Nebraska Crop Insurance Agency provides coverage options like drought insurance and hail insurance to protect you from financial loss caused by the elements.

Insect Protection

Insects can destroy crops by stripping their leaves and eating vegetables and fruit. Don’t let these pests undermine the hard work that went into your harvest. Ask about our insect insurance to safeguard your livelihood against infestations of caterpillars, painted lady butterflies, Japanese beetles, and other harmful bugs.

Cabbage Leaf Covered with Pest

Multi-Peril Protection

Our multi-peril insurance is a single policy that protects crops against all natural perils, including adverse weather, fire, disease, wildlife, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and failure of irrigation systems due to unavoidable causes. This policy is the perfect option for farmers looking for comprehensive coverage at one affordable price.

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At Nebraska Crop Insurance Agency, we take pride in helping our customers find the right coverage. We provide personalized service to help you decide which insurance options are best for your farm. Give us a call today for a customized insurance quote!

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